GReat PRograms We OFfer!

We run the following programs for adolescents, adults, teams, leaders, workplaces and modified for one-on-one coaching. Contact us for more information if we could support you.

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Mental Wellness for Teachers

This workshop is created to support our teachers, HODS, YLCs, Deputies, Principals, Chaplains and all school support staff. We appreciate the work our educators do and realise that there is little support for them in this demanding role. There is a stigma around mental wellness for teachers and our mandate is to change this, offering mental wellness support and strategies to all teachers and school employees.

Taster - 2 hours, Best as a day workshop

The Gift of You

Discover the fullness of who you are through learning about your personality type, strengths, values, character and look at how you are a unique combination for a purpose. We grow our sense of value as we remove some of the false beliefs we hold about ourselves. This topic works well with teams, as we look at what each member brings to the group and how we can value each other and work to our strengths as a team.

Minimum three hours - up to two full days

You leave with a booklet showcasing your unique gifts that you bring to the world. Very empowering and encouraging :)

Relational Leadership

This program grows relational skills to enhance personal leadership capital. You will learn how to understand and manage people better, while also learning how to manage your own emotions more effectively.

Two day workshop, that can be delivered in 2 hour sections.


Choosing what you say yes to and what you say no to is more than most of us can manage. This course supports us to understand what a boundary is, helps us identify common blockers to healthy boundaries and empowers us to create the life we want to live.

Three or more two hour sessions. Works well with one-on-one coaching alongside to support the changes you want to see.

If you would like to know more about what we offer or book us for your group please call Chris on 0408824261 (international +61408824261)