Leadership training

Our dream at Lighthouse Leadership Psychology & Training is to help build communities of people who work together towards a common purpose in greater unity and synergy. We build your staff into better versions of themselves, by developing their sense of self and giving them skills to grow healthier relationships. This in turn creates a culture in your workplace that is nice to spend time in and will ensure growth and productivity.

Dale Carnegie puts it quite simply:

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."

We like to have fun and we make our training fun. We notice that while people are enjoying themselves in our workshops and seminars, they are inadvertently growing their personal leadership skills which lead to growth in character, better quality relationships, greater influence in their work community and positive impacts on the culture they are in.

Modality of Presentation

We use an experiential learning modality for our training to encourage high engagement levels, deep reflection and more immediate integration of the topic covered so that busy people and students can take away what they need easily.

This looks like short segments of movement interspersed with times of teaching and group or personal reflection. We use kinesthetic models and hands on activities that are reflected upon to aid recall of the concepts and how to put them into practice. This style of training helps people connect safely with others, avoids boring lectures and helps maximise buy in for the participants. 



  • Staff Professional Development
  • Healthy Culture Development


  • Staff Professional Development
  • Student Leadership Programs

Small Business

  • Staff Professional Development
  • Healthy Culture Development