Staff Professional Development

We've found that great teachers can be promoted to roles with added responsibility without adequate preparation and training. They are often managing people and leading teams without having learned the skills. This can lead to stress, burnout and inadvertently being taken advantage of. Our goal at Lighthouse Leadership - Psychology and Training, is to help equip great staff members to have the confidence to do the job well!

We offer Professional Development that is fun, active and actually useful for your life (both personally and professionally).

We offer what we've coined leadership of the heart. Growing ourselves to be able to know and value ourselves. Then building on this to understand and value our team members; learning interpersonal strategies to bring out the best in them through healthy conflict resolution, boundaries and relationship positioning.

We use an experiential and values-based model with creative learning strategies, high engagement and personal and corporate reflection.

Our training includes Personal Leadership issues such as:

  • Sources of my Value and Identity
  • The power of Purpose
  • The influence of quality integrity

Through to Relationship Skilling topics:

  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Boundary setting to maintain sanity
  • From Conflicting to Confronting

And onto Community and Culture setting:

  • Creating a team culture
  • Blockages to healthy dynamics
  • Building a safe and trusting environment

We offer this for a maximum of 24 staff per session as either: 

  • on-campus training, 1.5 hours min - full school day
  • half- or full-day off-site training

 Student LEADERSHIP programs

We believe that Leadership flows out of your heart. The healthier you are emotionally, mentally and spiritually the better leader you will become. This program investigates these 3 core questions:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Am I important? 

The answer to these three questions sets our understanding of our “Value, Identity and Purpose” which is essential knowledge for each leader and the foundation of our VIP Journey © program.

We offer:

  • A values based program that can dove-tail with school values, rules and ethos
  • A safe place to allow freedom of discovery
  • Personal development
  • Active sessions for high engagement
  • Reflection time for the consolidation of learning
  • Quality Facilitation from a highly experienced team led by a teacher and psychologist

Standard Programs

  • 1.5 hours min - full school day
  • Groups of 10 - 24 in each session
  • Appropriate for Grade 11 and 12 leadership candidates

Options for refresher days and continued mentoring with school leaders through the year are available.