When asking the question whether companies value their employees, Dale Partridge of "People over Profit" fame says..."companies become things they never intended to be" (TEDx talk). That is because they have devalued their primary asset...their employees.

They have failed to develop key ingredients for sustaining both their business culture and their people culture, valuing income over the people which makes for a workplace that is low in enjoyment, fun and satisfaction.

At Lighthouse Leadership, Psychology and Training we help Corporates see the value in people, both their employees and their clients.

We explore how our sense of Value, Identity, and Purpose© affects our relationships and therefore performance. Deeper still we investigate how the impact of Values such as Integrity, Valour and Power influence the direction of individuals, teams and businesses.

If you value your team and want to invest in their performance then you should consider the assistance of Lighthouse Leadership Psychology and Training for your next team Professional Development program.


Our training includes Personal Leadership issues such as:
*Sources of my Value and Identity
*The power of Purpose
*The influence of quality integrity

Through to Relationship Skilling topics:
*Dealing with difficult people
*Boundary setting to maintain sanity
*From Conflicting to Confronting
And onto Community and Culture setting:
*Creating a team culture
*Blockages to healthy dynamics
*Building a safe and trusting environment